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tapSW is a London based software company, close to Canary Wharf, that specialises in building and maintaining mobile and web- based applications

We deliver business solutions, ranging from financial technology (fintech) solutions and big Data analysis to domain specific language (DSL) implementation
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IT consultation with proven practice, IT development with sound theory.

Providing you with amazing products since 2010 — spot on, on-time, at a fixed cost

We know software. We know your business.
We deliver software solutions that drive results.

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About us

"We apply the rigour of computer science to complex business domains, which require robust software solutions" – Director

pland and development

About us

Since 2010, tapSW has been a software development firm providing full-cycle high quality services to customers in the UK, Japan, and U.A.E. Our team is working together for 15 years and is composed of PhD level computer science graduates who have passion for IT and are experts in software design and development, application customisation, as well as integration of complex business solutions using a wide range of technologies. All work undertaken is strictly developed localy

Why us?

There are many attributes that contribute to the quality of a software product. In particular, software has to be reliable, efficient, maintainable and most importantly, it has to be secure.

Here at tapSW, we apply latest technologies to ensure that our software consultants design and deliver quality software products to our customers.

Software shouldn't cost a fortune when developed by qualified and experienced developers. Our experienced developers will analyse your requirements, design the product and implement the design using tested coding methods.

Here at tapSW, we have a fixed price policy to assure you that there are no surprises from start to finish.

We believe that our most valuable resource is our team of PhD-level computer science graduates who are passionate about technology.

Owing to investment into cutting-edge technologies, our software team is on top of developing software using the latest emerging technologies. See some of our projects .

For every software that we build, we offer support and maintenance along it. 100% of our customers are happy with our support and maintenance. We aim to maintain our 100% level satisfaction to our customers–and–you.

Software Services

Bespoke software

We'll gather your requirements and develop your software product using the latest technologies. We provide support and maintenance for all software that we build.

Formal specifications

Some systems require a formal specification before implementation. For these systems we draw formal specifications using mathematical tools and techniques. These specifications form the basis of your software implementation.

Distributed systems

We specialise in distrubuted system development with an emphasis on availability and partition tollerance.

Mobile and web applications

Most software now lives in the cloud. It is likely that your next software solution will be web-based. Our team of web developers are keen to work on any web based project, from simple websites to full content management systems, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planners.

working in a team


working with us

Our goal is to provide you with quality software at reasonable prices. Our experienced PhD level project managers are at the fore front of technology and they are ready to complete your project in the shortest possible time.

We will give you an estimated time frame for your project once we have analysed your requirements.

Contact us for a quote.

Hourly rate

Our hourly rate is from £150 per hour. This pricing model is most suitable for our services such as consultation, system configuration, technical training, or call out fees.

Weekly rate

Our weekly rate is from £2,500 per week. Minimum project time is one week. This pricing model is most suitable for our services such as system maintenance, retainers, or small software development projects.

Monthly rate

Our monthly rate is from £10,000 per month. This pricing model is most suitable for projects that are estimated to take longer than one month. Please contact us for a time/cost estimate of your project.

*prices shown without VAT added. Please not that we serve registered business clients only.


Dr. Abubakar Hassan.

BSc, MSc, PhD (U. O. Sussex)
Business system analysis and software engineering

Hassan has several years of academic and industrial experience in Software Engineering. In 2009, Hassan received his PhD from the University of Sussex, working on programming language design and compiler implementation for a visual programming language.

At tapSW Hassan is involved in all stages of the project life cycle with the primary focus on business systems analysis and design.

Dr. Nikolaos Siafakas.

BSc, MSc, PhD (King's College London)
Research and software engineering

Nik received his PhD from King's College London (KCL), University of London; his MSc (Advanced Software Engineering) from KCL and a first class (hons) BSc degree in Computer Sciences from the University Portsmouth. His doctorate work is on the theory of program analysis and virtual machine operational semantics.

At tapSW Nik is focusing on the training and the code side of things.

Our story

The directors met back in 2004 during a Master's degree class whose lecturer became their Master's project supervisor and later their doctorate supervisor. Both were programming enthusiasts and from early on they made a perfect programming duo. In 2004 they took on their first project, an ASP.NET programming task for the automotive industry.

During the doctorate years, they worked on dual problems. Both worked on the mechanical evaluation of programs; Hassan worked on how to efficiently reduce a graph to compute an answer and Nik on how to compute an answer without reducing the graph. This was work on compiler technology and program analysis, which gave them immense insights for large software systems.

While still postgrads, they happily took on contracts for smaller projects as well as for complex ones, such as a scheduling algorithms and booking systems built on top of the Zope/Plone framework.

Their insight and love for extant technologies and also their desire to contribute to new technologies set the founding stone of tapSW. After six years of collaboration, the tapSW founders realised that they were a company even before they knew it. In October 2010, they officially announced the company and are now celebrating a 15 year anniversary of corporation and mutual understanding.

Since then, they've been serving London's financial sector, building distributed auditing technology using advanced Oracle stacks, as well as end to end procurement systems serving the automotive and chemical distribution industry.

Our promise

  • Quality and Value. We strive for good cost estimation and high quality deliverables. That is why we are recommended by our customers.
  • We don't stretch timetables to maximise our profit. Quite the oposite: if we find a way to drive costs down, we'll do it.
  • Full attention. Once we agree on the job, you will get our full attention. No matter if it is a big or a small project.
  • Simple language. We keep you informed at every stage of the project. Whether you are in a technical or a managerial position.
  • We are agile. We work with ticketing systems to keep track of problems and use continuous integration techniques for fast redeployment.

All work undertaken is strictly developed at our London premises

Development is carried out by local developers which you'll meet face to face and you'll have the opportunity to monitor their progress first hand.

On explicit request, we do arrange for external specialist resources


Theory and Practice of Software

G35 Waterfront Studios
1 Dock Road, London, United Kingdom E16 1AG, United Kingdom

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